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Splat Paintball

We're taking a Break

Our Splat Ball is currently taking a break, contact us for special events!
Spoiler alert: we're looking at whole new Playing Fields.

Splat Zone

Answer the Call of Duty, in the all new Splat Zone, our indoor and outdoor Splat Paintball arenas...

Splat paintball is high energy entertainment at its best. It’s fast, furious, and loads of fun. This form of paintball is family friendly so children from 12 years old can be part of the action.


  • 2 Big playfields inside and outside
  • 2 to 24 people can play at once
  • Play with the public - or book a private session for your own group

Indoor SPLAT Zone: maze, warfield set up: smoke machine, music, dim, car tires, drums, cars

Outdoor SPLAT Zone: military, war army style


You’ll play with good quality paintballs that are:

  • Non toxic, vegetable oil based food colourant
  • Washes off clothes easily in warm water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed to burst harmlessly on impact

The markers

A major difference between regular paintball and Splat Paintball is the markers. You’ll use a lower intensity marker that works using springs rather than air. This means you’ll still get whacked and stung - but it will be much less painful than with the usual paintball markers.

These lower powered markers mean that children from 12 years old can play Splat Paintball (the minimum age for regular paintball is 16).

  • Spring loaded
  • Cleaned before and after every use - and major clean every 6 weeks
  • Heavy duty plastic
  • Fitted with safety stoppers in barrel plugs to prevent shooting
  • Safety switches on trigger to disarm gun

Prices & Packages

Visit Prices & Packages for duration, prices, packages, bookings, and payment options.

To play

  • 12+ years old
  • Females and males compete equally
  • Play does not depend on physical ability, strength or stature
  • Safety briefing will be given and Adult Indemnity Waiver Form must be completed
  • Under 18 Indemnity Waiver Form must be completed by the parent or guardian for teenagers under 18 years old

How the game is played

Time per session: 30 minutes

Aim of the game: To avoid getting hit - and to hit other players

How to win: Use strategy (and teamwork when playing in teams)

It’s free for all - every person plays against each other. However if you’re booking out the whole venue, we can organise structured games with unique challenges and objectives for the outdoor arena.

What to wear

  • Old, light clothes
  • Sturdy, flat, enclosed footwear eg. light boot or runners. No thongs or sandals
  • Optional:

    • Fingerless gloves (on sale also)
    • Cups for guys (on sale - wear briefs if you plan to wear a cup)

Gear included

Your safety is important. It means you can have fun for longer and go home with awesome memories of your time here. Every Splat paintball package includes:

  • Paint marker
  • Disposable overalls
  • Helmet (covers entire head and face)
  • Chest protector
  • Body armour: For kids 12 - 16 years old
  • Cups for guys (available for purchase)

Rather than giving you only ear and eye protection as most paintball places do, you’ll get a helmet that covers your head and face. It includes goggles designed using the latest google technology, which includes anti-fog lenses.


We’re big on fun. And just as big on safety - so you can keep having fun. Here are just a few ways we’ll look out for you:

● Goggles kept tightly on at all times (or no play)

● Referees monitoring at all times: on the field or standing at the entrance

● Paint markers checked frequently

● Safety gear fulfils Australian standards

● Players must not fire upon another person under a distance of 3 metres

● Non toxic, vegetable based paintballs that wash out easily

● No alcohol during play

Rules of Participation (PDF, 305KB)

For the best family fun this is the place to go!! These guys are fantastic with great service and very friendly staff !!

- Leanne Clancy Hall


Is it safe?

Yes. Participants use lighter powered markers than the usual paintball markers - so it won’t hurt as much! Goggles are to be worn tightly at all times (or no play). Helmet covers full face and neck. Body armour is included for teens under 16. We’re a family friendly, alcohol free zone. Markers are regularly cleaned and checked. A referee is always on site. Paintballs are non toxic, vegetable based paint that washes out easily.

Does it hurt?

Probably a little - you may feel stinging from getting whacked by a paintball though it will hurt less than the usual paintball. Lighter powered markers are used which are spring loaded rather than air. This means you’re not as likely to get the bruising or welting you may expect from the usual air powered paintball markers.

How old do players need to be to play?

Teens from 12 years old can play. We separate children and adult groups - groups with teens under 16 years old must have parents on site. Read more in our Information for parents (PDF, 299KB)

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